Audits & Inspection

Audits & Inspection

SSG has a well established reputation for the quality of safety audits through the careful selection of highly trained and experienced auditors. Unlike many other providers we only employ qualified environmental health practitioners, most of whom have worked for SSG for many years and have a proven track record in delivering a high quality service.

We offer a range of audits and inspections to suit the needs of our clients. These cover food safety, health & safety, fire safety and, where required, environmental management.

Our Assessment of Risk Survey is ideal for those clients who wish to establish an understanding of compliance with legal requirements and fundamental processes. The survey report will identify any shortfalls and make recommendations for improvement within suggested timescales. Once completed, most of our clients then opt for one of our audit programmes to ensure standards are maintained.

Our Best Practice Audit is based upon legal requirements and industry guidelines.

Our Bespoke Audit programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of our client’s business and is based upon their own policies and procedures.

All of our audits are risk-based and quantified to allow our clients to monitor performance and identify any areas for improvement.


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